Regina Andrade
Eu te amo!!!
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Who could help me?

I wrote various letters to Brasil government because I have a problem and can't teach in the moment and explained that I could work in other side with another thing. In my experience with my problem I found a new form of work with the students. But, nobody answered if could me help. I can´t explain my theory to other teachers because I have only first graduation and I can´t study more and more because I don´t have money to do this. If somebody interest in help me I express gratitude.
Ps. I know write and read in english but I am more or less in conversation.The text is write in portuguese intituled: "Indisciplina em sala de aula"- Indiscipline in the classroom

Regina Andrade
Enviado por Regina Andrade em 28/05/2009
Alterado em 09/08/2011